Monday, May 07, 2007

In the middle of the night

Something weird happened this night.
This is what happened:

I am dreaming about being in Sweden and being angry because I can't find the telephone number to the hospital where my mother is. She had broken a leg or something like that and I couldn't find out where in the hospital she was.

I hear my son crying. For real. *He sleeps next to us*
I feel that he has has a little accident and is all wet. In a very tired movement, not yet awake but doing this in my sleep more or less, I start taking off his trousers.

Then it hits me:
I haven't added Constant Content or Associated Content to my blog!!!!!

I am still half asleep getting up to get a new pair of trousers for my son and I think to myself: How on earth did I come to think about that????????

I mean I was more or less sleeping and it just came to my mind without any warning. I don't even write for these places but they are a good resource if you like to write.
I still don't understand how this happened as I had absolutely no reason to be thinking about that but I realize that I have to add it to the blog.

The only way I see it:
It was a sign from above.

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