Friday, May 11, 2007

A little linky love

I want to tell you about my friend Suzel.

Suzel is an incredible woman who originally comes from Brazil but has now found love on the other side of the continent. When I started working at our school here Suzel made me feel very good, she is a kind woman who always has a nice word to say and a hugh and a kiss to give.

She is like a mother and a friend at the same time. :)

I introduced Suzel to the blogging world and she is now writing about her life journey as a christian and as a teacher.

You can follow her journey over at Feeding Your Heart and you can read about her teching tips over at TESOL Teaching.

I hope you find her blogs interesting, she is a woman that has a lot to share.

Suzel: Miss you loads! Beijus!

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Suzel O'Donnell said...


o que significa isso...voce eh LINDA mesmo, por dentro e por fora. Como jah disse uma vez, voce me inspira...

Tenho aprendido muito com voce, em todos os sentidos. Sou uma leitora assiduo do seu blog. Voce eh original, simples e sincera...

Thanks a lot!

Your friend forever...

Linda said...

Obrigada Suzel! Estou com muita saudade de voce!

Sempre estou aqui se voce precisa!


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