Friday, May 11, 2007

Newbie Blogging

Yes I know that there are people that really don't like the part1, part2 , part3 etc in posts. But I think that It might not be possible to cover everything here in one part so there will probably be more than just one part in this subject.
I am far from the best person to talk about SEO but I can tell you some blogging basics anyway.

First I can say that blogging is not the same thing all over the world. Swedish blogging is as I see it far from as advances as the English spoken blogging world. I have learned so much more about blogging since I started this blog.
But lets start with some writing basics.

  • What's your niche? Are you going to focus on something or will you just say whatever comes to your mind?
  • Who are you going to write for? Kids, females, ages, location?
That might not be very hard do you think, no it's not.
Then there is the next part:
  • Content. The secret to blogging and getting readers lies in the content. You have to be prepared to write often.
  • You have to network. Work to get readers to your blog. How? By finding other similar blogs and leaving a comment letting them know you are out there. No not spamming! Please only comment if you really like the blog or have something to say that has to do with the subject. Don't leave comments like: Hey, check out my new blog! Most probably the person will not be interested unless they "know" you. No one likes spammers!
How's your writing?
  • Spaces, remember not to write everything together. It will be very tiring for the reader to read everything and they might miss something interesting you have to say. A basic rule is: no more than 5 short sentences in a row.
  • Spell check! OK I know that sometimes I'm bad on using this but it's so simple that it's a bad excuse not to use it.
Did you write a post?
  • Tag it! Use Technorati tags to help you get more traffic. I use Fintans tag generator and it works fine. I have been very lazy though but now I've started using it again. Another word for tag is keyword. Make sure that it has to do with what your post is about.
  • Ping it! There are several good places for you to ping at. What is pinging? You want to let the world know you wrote something right? The ping it and all major blog services will be notified and if you are lucky someone will see it and go to your blog and there you have a potential reader. Pinging places are: KingPing, Pingoat, Technorati,and Ping-o-Matic. No you don't have to ping them all. One might be OK instead of all of them as they have more or less the same services listed.
Your labels in blogger for example is not the same thing as tagging. Labels are for you to categorize everything for your readers to easily find what they are looking for. See my labels on the side for example.

That's the newbie blogging fot this time. Hope you enjoyed it. next time I will give you more links.

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Suzel O'Donnell said...

thanks for that comment at technorati...I am not sure how everything is working, but I can say I enjoy blogging...and to read the comments bring me a big smile...that makes my day...:] ;]

I miss you...even miles away the blogs make us very close...


Love you


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