Thursday, May 31, 2007

No sense comments

Every once in a while a comment pops up. You start reading the comment and you think, well it seems genuine. And then you read further and it contains a link to some page and the blogger has oly got a blogger account but nothing more. No page, nothing.

Well if the comment is a bit too "tasty" (let me put it that way) then I will remove it. But if it is OK and doesn't contain anything bad then I'll leave it. I haven't got time to delete comments all day long. OK it doesn't take all day but you get my point.

What do you do about "no sense" comments?

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Mayogi said...

Luckily enough I haven't had many comments of that kind on any of my blogs yet. Maybe they are just too small and not interesting for the spambots. But if I do get annoying comments I would definitely delete them. i want my blogs to be "child safe".

Linda said...

DELETE ALL SPAM COMMENTS! Thing is, delete all your spam comments! My blog is blocked by blogger at the moment. And I am not happy! Maybe I can't even post this.


Franx Budi said...

Same like you if I got non sense comment or anymous I delete..because not gentle..
God Blog you have..and I agree with you


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