Thursday, May 10, 2007

Not a very productive day

My day has been quite depressing I have to say. I haven't felt up to anything at all. I've been sitting here wrapped in a thick blanket because it's so cold.
I sit next to a window that has small ventilation wholes and when it's windy, well then it's windy inside as well. So you can just imagine how it is when it's cold outside. And in this country they don't know what heaters are so that's not an option.

Thing is it's colder inside than outside, isn't that funny?

But now my lovely understanding husband has come home and I feel a bit loved and willing to work a bit so I'll just get started I guess...

See that's the bad thing about working from home, you haven't got anyone pushing you to do things... :)

I hope you've had a better and more prdocutive day than me.

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