Saturday, May 26, 2007

Organizing yourself

I am desperately trying to organize myself.
I have still not found a good way to organize myself and my time.
As I work over the internet I don't need much space nor many things. But I still need some space. My computer desk isn't that big and I wouldn't mind buying a new one actually.

We went in to town today and I saw this beautiful computer desk that I wouldn't mind having myself.
I didn't check the price as I know that it's not a pritority at the moment so it will have to wait.
I do however need a bookshelf because at the moment all my books are all over the place, especially in my wardrobe. So all my clothes are in a terrible state. It's not easy to find anything in my wardrobe.

So I am trying to organize myself and our house. Not an easy task I have to say.
So then how to do you about starting to aorganize yourself?

Well I have made a litst of things I want to change here at home. First you need to look at what kind of workspace it more appropriate for your kind of work?
Do you really need much space, or do you need more space?
Accessories, are you missing important tools to make your work easier?

Take a look around you and see how you can improve yourself and your work. Working from home you actually are in charge of your work environment which is great for inspiration.

I'm still not there, at my work at home apradise, but I'm on my way :)

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Bev Coggins said...

From one work-at-home mom to another: there are simple ways to organize your time and space! As a professional organizer, I've written several mini-books in a series called 1-2-3...Get Organized. Each one is short, colorful and addresses only one organizing topic. The task at hand is accomplished in three easy steps and with a plan to maintain your new clutter-free life. The books are available as CDs or downloadable ebooks. I'd be glad to send you one of your choice. To take a look, go to

Linda said...

Thank You Bev! I shall check that out. Sounds good :)

Mayogi said...

I really need to be more organized! i live in a small apartment so every little thing that´s not in it´s place makes the whole room look untidy and cluttered. I'm decluttering, one babystep at a time. But I also need more storage space for day to day items.

I've started to plan my days a little bit more. Like Mondays are my "Clean & Declutter"-days, Tuesdays I usually do errands in town and have lunch with my kids, Wednesdays I do my shopping, etc.... It doesn´t work every week but at least it is a help to have your week more or less planned beforehand. When I start to study and work from home I will plan my work/study hours as well. Hopefully that will work. Do you have any other ideas?


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