Friday, May 04, 2007

A present for mother's day?

Our house doesn’t really have a garage, but we do have a storage room where all the garage things goes. Things include, all my husbands tools and everything that a man “needs”.

When we moved in there was a big ugly storage unit that was driving me crazy. The idea behind it was good and the storage was OK. But who ever made it probably had no insight in how to make something that you can clean underneath or inside.

This really annoyed me and I was bugging my husband all the time to remove it. He refused. Until the day when we had to take everything away because we were changing the tiles. I was really happy but of course I didn’t show that to my husband.

After that I’ve been thinking about what kind of garage storage we could use instead of that ugly big thing that was in there. Because we really need something to store my husband toys, sorry tools.

And looking around there are all kinds of garage storage units; Modular storage cabinets , fancy stainless cabinets among others. I have been thinking about buying a Metal pegboard for him but what I prefer is a rolling tool box it looks really nice and is excellent if you want to keep things clean. Easy to move around. To clean inside the boxes, well that will be my husbands job really.

Hmm.. is that a present for Mother's day? Go get rid of all the rubbish out in the storage room?

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