Thursday, May 10, 2007

Planning for Christmas?

No I've not gone totally "mad".
We are in May, 7 months left until Christmas. Well there are companies that really needs to plan in advance and they have already started to plan for Christmas.

Well I haven't but then again I haven't got my own business so that I am depending on selling.But I have already starting to think about Christmas food.
As I've mentioned before I love to cook so this is natural for me. Today I received a package with spices for ginger snaps and immediately I started to think about Christmas. What I am going to make and how we are going to spend it. One thing I've already started though is saving for it. You spend so much money around Christmas. Whether you want it or not.

So me and the husband have already started to save for it so that around Christmas and after we won't have any unpleasant surprises. This year was really tough in Jan-Mars and I wouldn't like for the same thing to happen again.

So anyone else thinking about Christmas already? Have you started to save?


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