Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Plingpling Pingo!

When I lived in the UK I used many calling cards. It's not always easy to find one that you think is worth the money but when you do, you stick to it!

Pingo is one of those.
Now you can use their card and refer a friend and get $5 free calling.
It's really easy; you can email your friend inviting him/her or you can tell your friends to give your email as a reference when they register!
Easy isn't it! And you get $5 free calling!

Pingo is a prepaid calling card provider that is used all over the world with many satisfied customers. Now you can become one of them if you haven't already discovered it. And you can earn more calling time!

They also have lowest India prepaid calling card rate, which is good if you have family or friends in India!
No surprises, only good news.
Next time you Plingpling, I'm sorry I mean call, use Pingo!

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