Thursday, May 24, 2007

PPP Direct

The attentive reader has noticed my link to PPP direct on the side. I noticed this new feature this morning over at PayPerPost and signed up immediately.

It seems like a good deal.
I'll tell you why;
When you blog for an advertiser you are sometimes charged a fee. There are companies like Review Me that charges a 50-100% fee when you write for them.
That means that you won't keep all the money and almost none if you write for them. Obviously not the best option if you want to make money.

With new PayPerPost Direct you have more option. An advertiser can now hire bloggers that he/she thinks is a good writer/blogger. Lets say an advertiser finds my blog and think: wow I really like Linda's writing, I think I'll hire her to write a review for me.
Then the advertiser clicks on the logo, see my average bid (that I have set at a price that suits me) and then gives me an offer to review. I can accept it or negotiate.

Out of this PPP only takes 10%, 5% is for transaction fees and another 5% goes to PPP. Which I think is fair and leaves me with more money than had I signed up with another company.
As a blogger I know that I will get paid for my writing which sometimes can be an issue. Writing for someone who does not pay you isn't anything you want.

I'm happy with this and hope the advertisers are as well.

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