Thursday, May 10, 2007

Question Of The Week May 7

The question of the week is:
What is your “Breakfast of Champions”? (What do you normally eat for breakfast to get you going in the morning?)

My son doesn't eat breakfast at home so I only prepare it for me.

I am a coffee addict so I have to have my coffee or the day will be bad.If I haven't got any coffee at home I drink tea. I love tea! Especially Twinning Earl Grey.
With my coffee I usually have some wholegrain bread or small white bread that I buy at the bakery. I use butter or cream cheese and top it off with a tomato and parsley. That is a really nice breakfast, it tastes delicious!

What I really prefer but unfortunately don't eat very much is plain yogurt with muesli and apple.
I need to eat breakfast in the morning or I get grumpy and not very pleasant to be around. :)

Oh, the question didn't include: Where do you eat it? But I'll tell you anyway in case you hadn't already figured it out: In front of the computer :)

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Ann said...

I wish I had the time to make whole wheat bread here at home again. It's SO good and so healthful because I'm in control of every ingredient in it. And yes, I eat in front of the computer, too. LOL

Linda said...

It's lovely to take the time and amke your own bread! I love baking and usually make loads of bread at the same time. it's been a while now thought but I'll start again this month.

Oh breakfast infront of the computer is great :)


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