Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A quiet family day

Today has been a quiet family day. Actually the day started with our little son crying, so it didn't start very well. But since it was a cry for help and not for attention it was OK. He wasn't feeling so good. He's had a sore throat now for a few days so we decided to go to the doctor today.
We went and there wasn't anything they could do but give him medicine for the cough.

As I've said before my husband likes to clean when he's off. I don't understand that he can't relax when he has the opportunity. Or maybe that is his way to relax?
It's not mine that's for sure.

When we were cleaning we were once again talking about what kind of furniture we should buy ourselves when we can. Well I wouldn't mind something in Studio RTA Furniture style. Clean and nice style.

It will still be a while until we can buy the furniture we want but when we do, I sure will tell you!
Hope you've had a nice day!

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