Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Relaxar means relax in Portuguese and this is what the Brazilians do all the time.
If they don't relax in front of the TV they relax in their "rede" - hammock.

Most common are the fabric hammocks and then the rope ones. You can find hammock chairs as well of course but most Brazilians use the fabric ones.

They are sold everywhere and I even have the special hooks here at my house. We have yet to buy a hammock though and I am really looking forward to it! The only reason we haven't got one yet is because of little baby boy. But now he is getting so big that it's OK to have one.
And although you definitely don't need one I will insist that we get a pillow for it as well. I want comfy!

If you still have not got a hammock I really think you should get one! Better relaxation is difficult to find!

Just imagine lying in you hammock at night listening to the sounds around you...

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