Saturday, May 26, 2007

This week on Daily Power Walk

This week at Daily Power Walk:

Are you working out? How fast should go you on your repetitions?
Go slowly on your resistance training

Not a morning person? Time to change that now!
Morning exercise

Or are you, just like me addicted to sweets? With these easy steps you /we can do something about it! No more sugar cravings!
How to beat the sugar addiction

And much more....

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Mama's Moon said...

This is a great site, thanks for sharing it! I've recently started working out (again) and was really excited to read the stuff you put out from it! Now, wish me luck (especially with my sugar cravings! rrrr!)

Linda said...

Thank you!! I am very glad to hear that! I'm sure you will do great on everything! (And stay away from the sigar!!) :)


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