Sunday, May 06, 2007

An understanding husband

I must say that I have an understanding husband.

Every Sunday he takes our son and goes to his mother's house and stay there a few hours for me to work at home. He understands that I need the time to blog and he doesn't complain about it.
He leaves me alone for at least 1½ hour, sometimes longer, which I think is great. Not that it is enough, because unfortunately I need to continue after lunch.

After the 1½ hour I go to my mother in laws house, we have lunch and then we come back.
we usually come back around 1pm and that's just the time when the Sunday movie session starts n Globo, the biggest TV channel here in Brazil. it's also the time when my little son takes a nap. Sometimes we watch the movie and sometimes we don't. Depending on when our son sleeps. My husband isn't far behind and goes for a nap as well. Me, well I haven't got time for naps or TV then but have to spend the time working on my blogs.

I do try to spend more time with the family but as I've said before, it's difficult.

But thankfully I do have an understanding husband :)

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Edward said...

Its ok to leave the computer. When you are old and grey and in the nursing home, you will never say to yourself. I sure wish I spent more time on the computer. Treasure the gift you have while you may. Children grow up way to fast. I know of where I speak!

Linda said...

Yes, you are absolutely right, that is why I am changing it. I'm not happy with the time I spend working over the weekend.
We should definitely treasure teh gifts we have while we can! Thanks!


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