Friday, May 18, 2007

Watch out!

I just came across a good and very interesting post from A Problogger Mom where she says that Technorati doesn't like Pay Per Post!

She referred to Stephen Fung's post about this matter. Very intersting reading. To sum up:

If you are linking to Pay Per Post in almost every post your Technorati ranking can get badly hurt and even become non existing!
Obviously I can only share what i read but I really think this is interesting. I'm not into Technorati very much but maybe I should try and improve my ranking abit. It is said that if many people Fave you, your ranking will get better.

Technorati has change around their system a bit and are now doing ranking and Authority.
I really should improve mine, that's for sure...

Reading further in the coments section on Stephens blog, Skeet tells that she had problems claiming her blog over at Technorati and after removing the Review me button after every post she could suddenly claim her blog!
Insn't that intersting!

So to all PPP posties... you might wanna check this out...

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aprobloggermom said...

Thanks for the link to my post! Hope that was useful information for some!


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