Thursday, May 24, 2007

Web conference

Switching from work office to home office within the same company??
Leaving your job to work at home can be quite difficult.
Questions like; will I miss the meetings they will have, what do I do if I need to show something to my boss and can't go in to town?

There is an easy solution for this problem; web conferencing!
You won't miss any meetings, you will probably be the center of attention unless all of the participants are on line.

I remember watching films thinking that it was so cool and wondering when it would be a normal thing for us to do. Well now it is and even it's better in reality.

And you can even do interviews at home, isn't that nice. Well actually I haven't heard of anyone doing that but I would feel so much better than having to go to someones office for an interview.
A web conference is also an excellent way for you to show your potential clients what your business is all about.
How has web conferncing changed the way you work from home?

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Happy said...

Rightly said. It enables you to hold conferences in cyberspace in much the same manner that you would have a conference call via the telephone. I am using for over 18 months now. It allows me to invite many people to conference from remote locations make presentations to them in the same way as if we all are meeting in an actual conference room.


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