Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What would I´ve done if...

Yesterday was a terrible day.
My antibiotics made me so sick that I sleept most of the day and couldn´t eat anything. It was terrible and I decided to stop taking the medication if this was how I was going to feel. Sure it´s just another two days left but I decided that I couldn´t stand it any longer.

My husband said: How would it have been if you had a regular job?

Well that´s a good question! Thankfully I haven´t got a regular job to go to during the week.

So my questions is: What do you do when you are ill?

Working fom home you still have responsabilities.

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Suzel O'Donnell said...

I was wondering what had happened to you, since your last post was on Sunday.
My darling, fortunately you are a WAHM, so take your time!
I hope you are feeling better.



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