Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why do I like Pay Per Post?

Well it's quite simple; You can write up to 3 post everyday. I get to choose what I want to write about which is great!

I have been writing for PPP for about 2 months now and so far I have only made $7.
Not much you think.
I totally agree, but that's because I only wrote one post and then I didn't have time and didn't search for more opportunities.

But how much will I make this month you are asking? *pssst.. I'll tell you: it's closer to 100 than to 7 that's for sure!*
And that has been quite easily done actually.

I have met some new PPP acquaintances, very nice. And I am about to sign up for their blogroll if I get accepted that is. That is because I don't think that I will abandon PPP very easily now that I've found them...
What do I do with the money...? As I've only earned $7 so far I haven't been able to do much but I will use them to pay for some nice treats!

Thing is blog advertising is increasing incredibly fast and I'm happy to be on the train!

Why don't you hop on as well?

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Suzel O'Donnell said...


I have just received an email from blog wave to be register. Is it a good sign...I am so excited!!!

Love you!!!

Suzel O'Donnell said...


I have signed to PayPerPost. Is it going to be good?

Take care!!!

Linda said...

Ihop it will be good Suzel! :) I wish you all luck!


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