Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Writing an E-book

I have been thinking about writing an E-book for a while now. Actually I have been thinkng about writing a normal hardback book before this. I have the material but all I need is a kick in the back.

I am very dependant on opnions from my family and friends and I'm trying to get my hubby to give me that kick. Unfortunately he doesn't know how to. A bit sad but...

So I am trying to kick myself but it's difficult.

What would the book be about? About Brazilian food. That is my speciality and I have quite a good insight in this subject as I've been writing about it for some time now, almost 2 years.
Maybe I should make my blog into a book? I know you can do this.

Anyone wants to kick me?
Or maybe even sponsor me to write the book!?! *Dreaming loudly*

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Anonymous said...

here is a gentle kick!! i would love to learn how to cook like that! i love cooking anyway, but am definitely trying to broaden my horizons...and i think that would be wonderful!!
God Bless,

Anonymous said...
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Linda said...

Thank you Jen!
That was a gentle but very enthisistic kick! *getting my thoughts together*

Suzel O'Donnell said...


I think it is a good idea,and... why not make this dream true? I trust you, and I can also see the books in the bookshop shelves...

big hug...

Linda said...

Yes hopefully 1 day we will se them on the bookshelves :)


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