Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yes a Blog contest!!!!

I am very happy to tell you all about the contest than is being held by me and Revka!

I have a new blog over at Mama's Coffee Corner and Revka from RS Design has helped me with the header and other design issues. And now we are having a contest to celebrate her new Header deisgn business and my new blog!

Make your way over to our blogs and enter the competition!
You can win:
A custom made header by Revka or a $20 AmazonGift Voucher orif you want; a selection of Brazilian goodies.

It's really easy to win: Tell about our contest on your blog and choose what you want to win and sign the linky on the blog whose prize you want!
The contest will be held for one week, beginning today. (May 17-24) Winners will be announced May 25.

Couldn't be easier!

*If you want to win a header I can tell you that Revka is wonderful and makes sure that you are completely satisfied with your header!*

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Suzel O'Donnell said...

I want to win a header for my blog too. Take a look at my three blogs.

Did I do the right thing to participate in the contest? I really want to win a new header for my blog.

Take care.


Linda said...

Of course you did! Good luck :) xx


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