Monday, June 25, 2007

A colorful weekend

It´s not only this blog that has had a little make-over. My house has as well. And I am very happy about this.
You see before i have been a bit ashamed to receive people in my home because of little dirty fingers all over the place. One wall was covered with charcoal because my son got hold of a stick that had been used in a BBQ. Of course he wanted to paint the wall with that.
We haven´t been able to paint the house because of lack of $$ and also it wasn´t very tempting to paint and then see those sticky fingers on the wall again.

My MIL has been re-decorating her house for about 2 months now and she has just painted the whole house on the inside. And she said that we could use the remaining paint and we were happy to take her up on that offer.
So my husband bought some color to add to the white paint. Our living room is now finally nicely white and the dining area is yellow.

And it looks so good! I am surprised every time I walk into the living room. And I am panicking every time my son comes close to the wall.
It feels so good and now I don´t need to hide my Address Plaque any longer :) OK it wasn´t hidden but now I don´t have any problems in receiving guest!

So anyone want to come over? :)

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