Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Creative coloring!

As the majority of my readers are moms with their kids at home I thought I´d tell you about this lovely site.

I love coloring but I am lousy at drawing. So I depend on others to draw things for my son when he wants to color.
And when you have kids at home and want to work at the same time you usually don´t have time to sit down and make beautiful drawings. No matter how talented you are at drawing.

Well with the internet these days you can do everything included drawing and coloring!
You can find Free Coloring Pages at thedollplace.com for all ages. It´s fun and your kids get to do something creative and beautiful at the same time.

You can register for free, if you are good at drawing you can upload your own drawings for others to color or you can just let your kids discover their coloring talent with colors. It´s easy, choose a color and click fill and whola! You got color!

I think it is really important for kids to discover their creative side, I think that sometimes we lose that side if we are not exposed to it. And now with all these great pages there is no risk for that to happen with our children.

The Doll Place
seems to be a perfect place to start at!

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