Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Get the dice rolling

Something that seems incredibly easy when you want to work from home is selling on the Internet. I have thought about it several times. But something that has been holding me back is not knowing which e-commerce software to use.

Ashop is an award winning shopping cart software so that eases my mind a bit. Looking at their page it all seems so easy. The setting up, pricing, customer service etc etc. They perform a back up every night, that is good, you don´t want anything to go wrong while you are sleeping.

What I am worried about when it comes to setting up a store is also the design. I want to make sure my design is personal and not like everyone else´s. Checking the features it seem like that won´t be any problem. They have a good design system as far as I can read. You can even get a sms alert if someone places an order, that is great!

I liked what I saw, so if you are thinking of setting up your own e-shop then this Shopping cart software could be something for you.

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