Friday, June 15, 2007

Golf anyone?

Today is a bank holiday again. That means enjoying yourself while you can.
My father inlaw came early this morning and got his fishing rod to go to a pesca e pague. That is a place where you catch your fish and pay for it at the end.

A sport many like is golf.
I´m not even sure he has ever played golf actually, I´ve never seen any golf clubs or Golf Equipment in any store here. Maybe there is no golf in my town? I´ll have to ask my husband about that actually.

I´m not sure if I like golf or not. I´ve actually only played mini-golf, it would be interesting to play long golf. I´m not sure you even say long golf, maybe that is a Swedish expression?

As we won´t be going fishing or playing golf I think we will just watch a movie with Jennifer Aniston that I bought. My rich friends or something like that I think it was called. That is how I will enjoy my day off.

Which of course isn´t my day off, if it was I wouldn´t be sitting here 

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Suzel O'Donnell said...

I think there is a Japanese course in belongs to ACEL,but I am not sure.

Well, I came to know about golf in scotland...and I love it...


Linda said...

If I come across it here I will def. try it out. It´s just funny that it´s japanese :)


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