Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Mycket vill ha mer.

That´s a saying in Swedish that means ¨who has a lot wants more¨.
Yesterday that´s what I said to my husband.
A few months ago we didn´t have anything and today we don´t have those money problems any more. Thank God!
Yesterday we were talking about my income and my husband said I needed to earn more, I laughed and said that now he want´s more. Greedy person :) I know he was joking but at the same time serious. Because who doesn´t want to earn more? The world is rolling because of money it seems.

Well I am good at budgeting now so I´m not too worried that we won´t survive if we ever need to go through that horrible time again.
Once I actually downloaded a budgeting software to help me keep track of everything.
Only that I didn´t use it much. I´m sure it has helped many people though. I am convinced someone is sitting on an excel sheet that is perfect for these kinds of things. Only that I haven´t found it yet. if you are, could you please rise and give it to me to look at?

Budgeting is important, you never know what tomorrow will bring. Enjoy your money but make sure to put aside a little each time you use some.

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La Hormiguita Cantora said...

Glad to read you already are in the good times. My husband and I are in complicated times. We know in two or three months things will be better for sure, but it's horrible to wait xD

Have a nice week ;)

Linda said...

Thanks. I hope you get through these months quickly. Take care! Have a nice week you too! :)

Mama's Moon said...

Hey! I guess it's been a while since I've last visited -- your site looks great! Love the sheep!

It's awesome whenever I hear that someone's made it thru some tight times and feel all the better for it. Hubby and I are in the midst of moving and are bracing ourselves for the belt-tightening. We know that in about six months we'll be debt-free and hopefully shopping for a new home. I'd love to hear any budgeting tips you've got that'll keep me on track and sane for the next few months!

Linda said...

Mama´s Moon> Yes it sure has been a while. I´ll have to go visit you as well :) Thanks, glad you like the sheeps. :)

I´ll see what I can come up with when it comes to budgeting tips :) I can only imagine how it feels to have debts, but as you say, you know you will come out of it so keep working on that!


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