Friday, June 22, 2007

How much should we remember?

Or really the question is how much do we need to remember? What is really necessary to remember? Do I have to remember what rfi shielding is or IBM memory or ISP or... well the list can obviously be as long as you want to.

Yes you do maybe you would answer these questions but of course it all depends on what you surround yourself with. And what kind of people that you socialize with.
My memory is lousy, I´ve said so before and I´ll say it again. But somehow I seem to be alright without knowing everything that you ¨need¨ to know.

So if you feel that you don´t know much or that your friends knows more than you do, then think again. Do you really need to know everything?

I don´t, I´m happy with what I learn and already know.

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