Friday, June 29, 2007

Intranet for your business

I remember when I went to college, we had an intranet system to communicate with other students. It was fun and you got to know other people through that.

Using an intranet system for your business can be a great thing.
Epazz has an intranet software that can help you. Some of the things they offer:

  • 30 day trial. Contact them to get it setup.
  • integration to backend systems
  • total manage hosted solution
  • website content management
  • group scheduling
  • business email solution
  • Seamless Integration
  • Enhanced Communication - Among managers and employees.
Epazz works with you from start to finish.

That sounds like a good start. I am not familiar with intranet except from my above experience and I´m sure it has improved over the years. When you work from home like I do it´s not anything you might need but if your company is expanding it can be a good thing to keep in mind.

Do you use an intranet software? What does it do for your business?

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