Friday, June 22, 2007

My tech hubby

I consider myself quite tech savvy. I´m no pro but I understand more or less when people talk about ¨normal¨technical stuff. And I am also quite good at assembling things that requires technical skills.

Sometimes I even know more than my husband! Expect for the other day. When he talked to someone else about RFI Shielding.

I was standing next to him and kept quiet as I didn´t understand what he was talking about. Then I realized they were talking about the Airports and the problems they have been having with their equipments. You see Brazil has got some serious problems with pirate radios using the same frequency as the airports control system.

That is scary!
Every now and then you hear about pilots that weren´t able to get in contact with the airport for several minutes. And in some cases it has led to accidents. You can´t have missed the big accidents with the two Americans her in Brazil. if you have I´ll fill you in on that another day.

Well at least now I know what RFI Shielding is :) You learn something new everyday.

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