Friday, June 15, 2007

Relaxing with the family

As it´s a bank holiday I´ll continue my family talk. Whenever my family is at home I try to have a calm and relaxed environment. I wan tour time together to be nice and relaxing. But hey, have you tried relaxing for a whole day with a 3year old? As a mother you know that you will at some point get stressed and raise your voice. That is only natural.

Well here are some things I will do today to make sure pour time together is pleasant:

*I will make sure I try ans stay calm, that is the first thing.
* I will lit a candle at dinner, a candle always brings calm and happiness to people.
* I will make sure that my husband is happy, that is a bit tricky but I´ll try 
* I will make sure my son is happy, that is even trickier, someone who changes his mind 50times in 30sekond it´s difficult to keep up then.

I will try and make my family believe that we are at the cinema. I will make sure we have a cozy atmosphere when sitting in our living room. I will make sure there are plenty of comfortable pillows and that it feels just like using a home theater seating.
Of course I will make some popcorn to get that extra cinema feeling.

And last: I will keep my fingers crossed that the day pass without too many mishaps.

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Suzel O'Donnell said...

I really miss this cinema feeling...I used to go a lot, even by myself...and popcorn???ours (yoky) is the best

Linda said...

yes Yoko is the best, the salt and sugar one. :) Doesn´t your future hubby take you to go to the cinema :)

Suzel O'Donnell said...

I went once...but our cinema in Londrina is gourgeous...absolutely...nothing compared...believe...


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