Monday, June 04, 2007

Some rough days

I've had some rough days here lately.
First my son getting an ear infection. That we managed to cure it seems with some medicine we had at home. Thankfully.
Then the blogs getting spam locked. That got solved today just about an hour or so ago.
So no blogging for the weekend. I did however update a little on My Way To Freelance. I am making a new start on my blogs again. So if you are interesting in writing I advice to start checking that blog out in a few weeks as it will contain some good links!

I got angry on my computer and have decided to switch to XP. Why should I use Linux, no one has given me a good reason why.

Today my son was at home. There wasn't really anything wrong with him but his daddy thought it would be good for him to stay at home today.

So, my house is a total mess: a mountain of dishes to do, a very dirty yard to clean up after the mess the carpenters made. The water filter finally came! That means, the man who has to install it came as well. Just when I was watering my yard and scrubbing it clean.
At the same time, my son is playing with the water, with the dogs, in the soil.

Was I stressed? Oh no! I was just going absolutely crazy! Mad at the carpenters because they had made such a mess.

So today I feel that I definitely need a Florida rental vacation! If only Florida was a bit closer...

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K. Darrell said...

It sounds like you could really use that vacation. I hope everything goes a little smoother for you from now on.


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