Thursday, June 28, 2007

Starting a B&B

Having their own Bed & breakfast place can be a dream for many. I don´t think it´s my kind of thing but I have thought about it.
It´s a way for you to take care of people and provide them with a family friendly service that they won´t find elsewhere.

First you need to make sure that your household is suitable for this if you want to do it from home. Do you have enough space? What necessary adjustments do you need to do? You will probably have some health inspector coming around to make sure that your kitchen and rooms etc. are within the right standards. It´s not easy and you might have to spend some money on getting it started but in the end it sure will be worth it.

When setting up your business you also want to tell people about it. Find suitable news papers and magazines to advertise in. Set up a website, look at Maine bed and breakfast for some inspiration. Make sure that the information you give makes people want to come and stay at your B&B.

A nice B&B stays in your memories, the bad ones you forget, just like everything else. If you want to start a B&B, then go ahead and start that unforgettable B&B that everyone will talk about.

Good Luck!

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