Wednesday, June 27, 2007

That feeling goood feeling

OK I work from home, I look like a mess in the morning and for most of the day actually. Why bother getting ready, no oone is coming to see me anyway. :)

But there is nothing better than getting ready put on a pair of jeans, put some make up on and a nice top and go out to see people. Staying inside all day is depressing really.
For years I didn´t wear jeans, I thought I was too chubby to use them so I stopped. I bought a pair of jeans and really wanted to be able to wear them. It took me more than 2 years to fit into them.
But since then I have not used my other trousers ,now I think that a pair of jeans is really comfy and nice. Jeans, like I can imagine true religion jeans feels, feels great.

So to get that ¨I´m feeling good¨feeling that´s all I need. A good pair of jeans, some make up and a nice top. Easy and simple.

We need o take care of ourselves. If we let go then what will become of us?

But let me tell you, I am not afraid of not wearing make up when I go out. Thankfully. I trust my inner beauty and I am sure that my personality is what attracts people and that shine through all make up you could ever wear.

What do you do to get that feeling good feeling?

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Ashley said...

Hey there, I got your link from link and challenge. Just wanted to say you have a great blog. I think the sheep are cute!

Linda said...

Thanks Ashley! Nice to hear! :)


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