Friday, June 22, 2007

Welcome to the meadow!

Yup, here it is, the new design. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Yes it´s full of lambs, lambs, sheeps, but sheeps are cute!!

It´s suppose to be an inpiring blog, not dull like the other one was.
The illustrations I found over at They are made by MUJKA.CA who has wonderful illustrations for sale.

From that I made the header and cut out the lambs and made them into sidebar images.

Further things to come but today I´ve spent more than 6 hours on this so I think it´s time to work a bit as well. :)

There is something wrong with the blogrolling list but I´ll change that later.

Tell me, what´s best - before or after???

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Revka said...

I like this much better. :) It's definitely not the same old boring template that everyone else has!

Nejma said...

I LOVE the sheeps! They are adorable! Your blog is so much better looking now. Congrats!!!

Linda said...

Thanks girls! I´m very glad to hear you like it! :)


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