Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What´s hot and what´s not

I am not the best person to ask about celebrity gossip. I never keep track of who´s hot or who is not. I never remember who is dating who or who is starring in a new film or what´s happening in their lives etc.

But to not be completely out of date I sometimes surf the net to find some gossip so that I won´t make a total fool of myself when someone says: Hey have you heard that xxx is pregnant/got a new boyfriend, is in rehab (that is just sad), did whatever.

I´m not the one to believe everything I read but I must admit that it´s fun to catch up sometimes.
I think celebrity rumors are fun to read if you don´t take it too seriously.

If you are into gossip and a laugh then head over to Celebrity Gossip to keep up with the latest. You can even comment on the gossip and say what you think about it.

Do you know what´s hot and what´s not? Are you maybe The Gossip Lady herself? :)

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