Friday, June 22, 2007

You´re so vain...

How long do you take to get ready every morning?
Well If you like me work from home you might not need to get ready at all. The only one you will see all day is your reflection in the mirror, if you pass one.

My husband takes his time in the bathroom every morning. he is quite fast but he spends way more time than me in there. We have been talking about re decorating our house and move the bathroom to another place in the house. I have of course dreamed about what we could do with our bathroom.
I mean, if I had a nice bathroom and beautiful bathroom vanities I definitely would spend more time in there!

Well you can always dream, if I lived in a cottage I wouldn´t mind having some old fashion vanities to decorate with.

I really should try and make our bathroom more enjoyable, then I could becomme one of these women that spends hours in there.. but maybe that wouldn´t be so good after all...

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