Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A decorated home office

Looking at my desk I see: lots of papers, a book, a note book, a hair clip, a pen, another notebook and batteries.
Is that what you would call a organized desk?
Not exactly.

I would like to decorate this part of the house so that it feels more like an office. I´m thinking modern office furniture. Just like the ones you see in the magazines. Nice, clean and white.
Then maybe I could imagine that I am at work at the same time and let go of everything else that has to be done.

Or maybe that would feel to cold, maybe warmer colors and a few paintings on the wall.

Maybe if I just get rid of all the thing I currently have on my desk my little home office will improve.

How is your home office? Organized or messy? Is it they way you want it to be? What would you change?

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Cheryl's Office said...

My home office became more productive after I purchased new office furniture. I decided to use modular pieces to allow me to change the configuration. This way I can be more creative at work and at home.


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