Friday, July 27, 2007

Little techie things

The first time I saw a USB drive I didn´t really know what it was.

When I understood how incredibly smart this little thing is I was amazed!
And now there are lots of portable smart little flash drive techie things to ease our life.

I say techie things because there are small technical things. Or gadgets if you like.
I have thought of getting one, but i don´t really see the need for it. I only use my own computer, I have a printer and I rarely need to go to a internet cafe or use someone else´s computer.

Don´t know what a USB drive is? It is simply a small little gadget that you can store lots of data in and bring with you. If you need to bring some information from one computer to another, almost like a diskette. Or if you have a computer but no internet at home and you want to bring some information from your email home.
Simple, easy and very smart!

Maybe this is a solution for your home business? No need to carry a laptop with you to your clients if you only need some data. It fits in your pocket!

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