Monday, July 30, 2007

A nice weekend

I had a very nice weekend. A nice relaxing weekend and I enjoyed it very much.
What did I do. i stayed at home, no need to go to places like Outer Banks to relax. Home is fine.

On Saturday my husband worked as usual until 12.00 I told my husband early that I did not want to do any house work. He seemed fine about that and didn´t say a word.
He made a new house for the dogs, which was really needed as it was falling apart. Now they have a nice yellow house.

Sunday was nice, we spent a few hours in the sun trying to warm ourselves, it is freezing inside. It was very relaxing. And in the evening me and my son went to church. A nice change for us. We never go to church. Little Choriço behaved excellent and was quiet the whole time. I was a very proud mother.

See we didn´t do much but that´s OK. I needed a few days like that.
And do you know what, I might even go to church again soon...

What do you do to relax on the weekend?

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