Friday, July 27, 2007

Putting on weight?

If you work at home you might have noticed that you arent´getting too much workout sitting in front of the computer. Of course that depends what type of work you do from home.

If you have put on weight you might be considering taking things like hydroxycut or similar products to get rid of the extra weight.

But before you do that try to change into a healthier life style first. Because you work from home you have more control of what you eat as you have to prepare your meals. You are in control of what you are eating.
Here are some small things you can do:

* Always have a water bottle close. if you haven´t got space on your desk, put it in the kitchen and make sure you go there every 30 minutes or once an hour to drink a glass.
* Snacking - has the snacking got a hold of you?
Cut carrots in the morning that you put in the fridge in some water or a plastic bag. Every time you feel the need to eat something go and have a carrot. You will soon lose that snacking habit unless you love carrots.

* 20 minutes morning gymnastic gets your going for the rest of the day. You will become more alert and work better for the rest of the day.
* Get a training/walking buddy. Once you have set times and days to walk/train with your friend you can´t escape. No excuses.
* I read another blog once and she had a saying: Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.
That´s a great saying to put on the fridge.

For more tips on how to stay in shape check out Daily Power Walk.

Do you think working at home makes you put on weight?

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