Thursday, July 19, 2007

There is no 2nd impression

Bloggers see new blogs everyday.

You can surf through 50 blogs but there is only a few that will stick in you mind. There are only a few that you will remember and go back to. It can be becasue you like the design or the content.

What does a plain blog tell you? Many Blogger bloggers starts out with a minima templatre. A white backgroung with black and orange text. Aftert a while they change the color of the links but the background stays the same.

When someone visits your blog you want their eyes to like what they see. You are basically eating a blog with your eyes.

But it´s not just becasue you go and add som color on your background that your blog will look good. It might just look worse. Having a blue background can be nice but if your content doesn´t stick out it´s not worth much.

Before I changed the design on this blog it was blue as some of you might remember. Nothing special. Nothing new. I liked the blue, I love blue. But was it doing anything to my blog? No. It looked quite empy I must say.

And now? Well now it has a big, some might say too big, header that will show you what you can find on this page. The sheeps will guide you to what you want to find here. Yes, you will have to click on the sheeps to see links etc. According to some SEo experts that is not advised. Well for me to be able to provide you with a loot of links I have chosen to do so.

Will you forget this blog? Probably not in the first place. Is it the best designed blog you have ever seen, no. And you know what, I don´t mind. I know that it´s different without being ugly.

So if your blog is plain, white, blue or pink but doesn´t say much to the reader it might be time to change that!

Remember there is no 2nd impression!

What do you think is important in a blog design?

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Anonymous said...

Great design! Btw, you've been tagged at Maria Finds

Linda said...

Thanks Maria! I´ll tag along!


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