Monday, August 20, 2007

An adult mans toys

We are fortunate to have a snooker table at home. It dosen´t occupy any real space as it´s outside but still under roof.
No we have´t bought it, my husbands uncle´s neighbor rents them out. He rents them out to bars mostly. And this table were supposed to go somewhere but it found it´s way to our house and has been here ever since. We were supposed to keep it only for about two weeks and now it´s been here for more than four months.

We rarely play though, I´d like to but my husband doesn´t seem to like to play with me. *lol* It does get more complicated as well when you have a little person *read son* disturbing all the time.

Well now the other day my husband came home and told me he had been looking at poker tables. I immediately looked at him as if he was temporarily insane. I have never seen him play poker so I was quite surprised. Thankfully he told me it wasn´t for him but that the uncle´s neighbor has been looking into renting out poker tables as well.

Apparently he had been very excited about this, so when my husband told me my immediate thought was ¨this is so male, a typical adult mans toys¨...

Like yesterday I saw a man flying kite. While thinking ¨why is a grown up man flying a kite?¨ I thought it was good he still had contact with his childish side. *lol*

Ladies do you agree with me on this? Is your husband like a happy child when he comes across these things?

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Mama's Moon said...

I can't say that Hubby has very many toys that he goes gaga over (aside from swiping my iPod every chance he gets, and playing poker with his buddies every once in a while). Fantasy Football season is looming very close though so I'm bracing myself for the many nights of studying football games in order for him to spend countless hours on the computer playing a 'fantasy' game. *sigh* Stay tuned for a post regarding this in the very near future!


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