Thursday, August 09, 2007

Are you ready for the weekend readers?

I read somewhere, on some blog, don´t ask me where because I have been surfing so much these last two days that my head is full of information, that blogs receives less readers/visits on weekends.

How is it on your blog?
Do you think you receive less visits during the weekend? Or have you maybe noticed an increase in visits?

If you have a family you are less likely to sit in front of the computer at the weekend. But the world is full of people who surf the net only on weekends.

Imagine this: A ¨weekend only¨ reader comes across your blog. He/she thinks; Wow this is a nice blog, I will have to remember to visit this blog next weekend.

Then what do you need to do?
You need to build up your content for the weekend reader.

But aren´t you supposed to make your blog appealing for all readers, whether or not they only come on the weekend?
Yes of course, it would be silly of you otherwise.

But, if you have your weekend readers in mind when you post during the week you are more attentive to what you write and your posting quality* will improve.

You want to make sure that the weekend reader comes back, and by posting quality posts during the week your daily readers and the weekend readers are more likely to come back.

That is why you should have your weekend readers in mind when you post.

*Posting quality, something interesting for your readers, not only about your dog or how your kids are making you crazy. Something they will remember when they leave your page.

Are you ready for the weekend readers?


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Mayogi said...

Great post!!!!! Really interesting.I will try to keep my weekend visitors in mind, that's a good point.


Linda said...

Thank you Mayogi!

Mayogi said...

BTW, I LOVE your blog! It's very infomative and the design is cute!

Mama's Moon said...

Yes, I have actually been wondering about weekend-reading and readers. It's something that's been on the backburners of my mind lately. I'll have to sit and really stew over how I can beef things up -- if, in actuality, I DO have any readers during those days. Thanks for the tips. I always end up leaving your site with a little something here and there!

Linda said...

Mayogi, you are too sweet. :)

Mama´s Moon: What a coincident! I do think it´s something we need to think about as bloggers. I´m glad you leave with a little something here and there :)

allhisblessings said...

I hope you don't mind, but I chose you as a nominee for the Rockin' Girl Blogger award because I really, really enjoy visiting your blog and reading it as often as I can. :) Here is the post:

Linda said...

Of course I don´t mind! Thank you SO much! *happy*


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