Friday, August 10, 2007

Are you a varied blogger?

Are you a varied blogger?

I think I am, I can write about most things. I write about blogging, working from home, fitness,skin care products, dogs, freelance writing, jobs, food, you name it and I can probably find something to write about the subject.

How is it good to be a varied blogger?
Being a varied blogger doesn´t mean that you will leave your niche, it only means that you will improve your blogging.

How do you choose your niche?
If you haven´t thought about it before and want to tell your readers or yourself what you are really writing about take a look on your blog.
Ask your self some questions;

  • What do you write about the most?
  • What interests you?
  • Are you writing about something you like?
If your answer is no on the last question you might want to start writing about something you like instead. There is no good in writing about something you are not totally happy writing about. Your readers will be able to tell.

So, you set your niche as a wahm blogger.
What is a wahm blogger?
As a wahm blogger you can actually write about just anything. Everything from cats to how you want to scream at your clients.

You might want to narrow that down a bit.
Look at your labels. Do they reflect your blog?

If you are not happy about the result, add more categories, the more categories the more varied blog. I have 20 labels. I really do think it´s too much but then again I don´t want to remove any of them.

If you need to become a more varied blogger then why not join the Link and Blog challenge? Over at the link and blog challenge you can find various topics and ideas to blog about.

Are you a varied blogger or do you need more ideas on how to become one? Or do you think it´s no good at all being too varied?

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Mommy Babble said...

Can I ask how you do the show/hide + - signs for lists in your side pannels? I am working on a blog with really long blog rolls and I want to seperate them by type and then hide them. Thanks so much!

Linda said...

I have answered you over at your blog, but of course I will answer here as well. I use script for expandable links.


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