Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blogging estate agent

Imagine if there was such a thing called Blogging Estate Agent.
A place that would be like any other real estate place where you go and have a look to see what kind of blog you would like to have.

The blogging agent would ask you the following:

  • What colors do you like?
  • What is the purpose of your blog?
  • In what area would you like your blog to live? Blogger, own domain, Typepad...?
  • Will you fill your blog with beautiful paintings, ie: do you need more space on your blog?
  • How many rooms (columns) do you want? 1,2 or 3 column? Or perhaps 4?
  • Do you like music? Your (neighbors) readers might not like it.
  • Will you keep it clean? *Will it be appropriate for under 18´s?*
  • Would you like your home to be listed in the Phonebook? * Blogdirectories such as Technorati etc*
After you have answered these question the agent would ask you about what kind of colors you would like the house to be in. How well decorated etc.
You tell him/her what you want and they call you to give you the key *password* when everything is set up.

They hand you the key and say; Thank you for doing business with us, enjoy your new home.

Wouldn´t that be easy? After you receive the keys you can start making your home a little bit more comfortable. You can add more pictures, and... you can sit down with your coffee and start writing!

And just enjoy the beautiful view you have over BlogBay...

:) Com on, wasn´t this just a little bit funny.... Would you like to go to a Blog Agent to set up your blog?

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Mrs. Fussypants said...

I love the blog real estate agent
Sheep! I 've never seen sheep on a blog. Love the sheep!
blessings, Alli

Revka said...

Hey, I'm doing exactly that for a client! Guess I'm an official Blog Estate Agent. heeheehee

Linda said...

Mrs Fussypants I´m glad you liked the idea and the sheeps as well :) you are welcome back!

Revka: Congrats! You are the official blog estate agent! :) haha


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