Friday, August 17, 2007

Don´t let cleaning get you down! # 1

For this not to get too long I´m going to divide this into several posts, so please come back for more if this is something that interests you.

Working (or trying to) from home is not easy when you have kids to look after as well.
Too many moms stress everyday with this task thinking ¨How am I supposed to do everything? ¨.
I was very touched with Revka´s post My Crossroads where she tells how she is struggling to combine her own interests with her family, so I decided to share my everyday tips.

First of all, it is very important to maintain your own interests when you have children. If you are a stay at home mom you still have need to socialize with grown ups and not only talk ¨dada talk¨ all day. Unfortunately too many moms put that side away and forget that they have their own interests.

The cleaning is an issue for all moms I’d say, if you haven´t got the privilege to have a maid that takes care of that for you.
I find it a real struggle too, or I did, I´ve let it go a bit actually. I always tell my husband that he is cleaning obsessed. He is never satisfied with my cleaning. Or he doesn´t show that he is and always find something else to complain about. No matter if I have cleaned the house the whole day, there is always something. The first year of our marriage, we have been married for 2, 5 years, I cleaned the house every single day like crazy! Then I realized I got too stressed with that and since he was never satisfied I stopped.
I also started working outside of home so I didn´t have time to clean as much.

And now I definitely don´t have time to clean all day! I have reduced my cleaning time into one hour each day from more than 3 hours everyday.

Before I start sharing my tips I want to advice you to sign up for a very good newsletter that will tell you more about time management.
You can find the mini course and more over at Time thoughts.
Just by doing that and taking the time to read it everyday you will see that you can organize your time better as a mom!

I´ll come back soon with more tips!


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Revka said...

Thanks for the link and for the encouragement. :) I'm looking forward to this series.


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