Monday, August 20, 2007

Four essential blogger feeds

I have a few feeds in my feed reader that I wouldn´t want to be without.
I thought I´d share them with you and tell you why.

If you want to become a successful blogger you should try and learn from the best.
If you are a new blogger you might not know who the best is. Or at least what many experienced bloggers consider the best. There are many good bloggers out there. And many you can learn from. Here I have only listed three. You can learn a lot from all three and you can get new fresh ideas whether it´s for blogging or for working at home.

  1. - Darren has some excellent tips about blogging and you can definitely get good ideas and learn a lot from him and his readers. Don´t forget to check out the job board!
  2. eMoms at Home - Wendy Piersall has always got great articles about blogging and working from home.
  3. Superblogging - ¨Tips on blogging, making money online, and everything else.¨ All you need to know.
  4. Mom Gadget - Gayla McCord is a true inspiration and a proof that you can make money online! Don´t forget to check out her blogging forum!
Do you have a favorite blogger you have learned a lot from? Please share so that we can all learn and enjoy!

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