Monday, August 20, 2007

Good quality Vs good price

Too often we find ourselves wanting things for a better price but still with high quality.

I think that if you are able to offer that you can go a long way. Just look at IKEA, they have great furnitures at affordable prices.
But it´s not only furniture you can buy at good prices, it´s possible to find good quality jewelry at affordable prices as well.

And in a way this is becoming more and more important. Because today we don´t settle for nothing but the best, but we don´t want to spend a fortune getting what we want. Well sometimes you do need to pay more for things that is of better quality.

I have noticed here in Brazil that there are lots of places where you can find cheap stuff. But the quality is not worth it.
Because you know that it will break or be unusable after a day or two. unfortunately I have fallen into this trap too many times thinking ¨well it might be good¨. And after it´s broken I tell myself that next time I have to look at the quality not the price.

So, should we as consumers ask for better quality but with a better price or should we just accept that everything is getting more expensive?

Do you buy things looking at the quality or looking at the price?

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