Saturday, August 25, 2007

How iGoogle can help you blog better

I came across iGoogle the other day when I read about it somewhere. I´m sorry but I have forgotten where it was. Yesterday I wanted to download the Google calendar but it said that I needed to download the Google desktop and somehow I ended up with my own Google homepage.

And I became impressed with the features and gadgets you can add to your Google homepage. One of the things I am interested in knowing as an International blogger is the time around the world. So I added four different clocks from different places around the world that I wanted to know. Now I won´t have to think too much about what time it is in New York or if Sweden is three or five hours ahead of Brazil.

I haven´t surfed through everything yet and I´m sure there are still many things to discover but other things I included was: New, especially health and fitness news, a timer so that I can time myself, recipe lists, a YouTube video search to find videos quickly, weather around the world, calendar, currency converter, translator to name a few.

You can add tabs on you page so you can add more things. If you want to you can create one page with only news for example.
So how will this help you blog better?

Well as I said, now I know what time it is in New York, I have daily contact with the U.S and it can help knowing what time it is in some places of America.
The timer will help me make sure I´m not spending too long on certain places.
I will always know the latest news as they are on the page and updated all the time. I don´t have to find a page to convert dollars into pounds, kronas and reais, it´s already there. And there is a widget where you can see the top 30 keywords as well, how accurate it is I can´t tell you though.

Depending on what you blog about but there are surely something for everyone on iGoogle. I really liked the feature and am happy I discovered it. Sure I´m not the first one but surely not the last one either.

How to get it?
Sign in to Google and click on iGoogle, if you don´t see it, click on home and you should be able to find your way from there. Or the easiest way: search Google for iGoogle. You can customize your own page with this cute little picture that you see in the beginning of the post.
It´s easy and fun!

Do you use iGoogle? How do you find it´s helping you? Do you think it helps you blog?

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Mayogi said...

I have had iGoogle for quite some time but it wasn't until recently that I started adding more content. Before I only had a few newspapers, my gmail account and my google calendar. I think I'll use my igoogle a lot more from now on.

Mayogi @ Home, living in Morocco

Mama's Moon said...

I just spent the last hour and a half organizing my homepage which, until I read this post, was basically nonexistent since I was too lazy to create. Now, wow! I don't know it it'll help with my blogging but it'll definitely help keep my day much more organized! Thanks!

Linda said...

Mayogi, well I´m sure that the more we use it the more dependent on it we will become :)

Mama´s Moon: Oh, I´m glad I am such a good influence *blink blink* Glad to hear it can help you stay organized :)


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