Monday, August 13, 2007

I need help to decorate!

I need to decorate my sons bedroom, but I have no idea how!
The room it self is tiny and th only thing that fits in there is a bed and a small wardrobe. So that doesn´t leave much space for decorating.

I really admire people who can walk into a room and come up with millions of different ways to decorate. I really wish I was like that.
Because we haven´t got any more room we would have to get bunk beds if we are to have more children. Which I definitely hope we will. I´m not too keen on the bunk bed idea, I would be too worried they would fall out of bed at night.

So I saw this combined bed and workstation which I thought was a good idea. The only thing is that I can´t convince my hubby to get one. As you can tell my hubby is even less creative then I am. *lol*

So how do I decorate this tiny tiny little room?
Any suggestions would be appreciated! The only thing I can think about is painting it in a bright color. Adding shelves is a bit complicated because the only suitable wall would be the one where the bed is. See I told you it´s tiny.

Do we have any cretive moms reading this blog? *Hoping*

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kimt said...

Hi Linda, how are you. My first question is How old is your son? Have you thought of those beds that have the drawers under them, it sounds like you need more storage as well. I am not keen on bunks either for the same reason. I would paint the room a very light beige/cream to make it look bigger and add colourful art. I make fabric wall hangings in different sizes, let me know what you think. See

Linda said...

Thank you Kim for your comment!My son is only 3 so he is still quite ¨small¨. We definitely need more storage, and bright colors is a must I feel. Your fabric hangings are beautiful!!


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